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Background and Origins. It’s a birthday kind of weekend around here – America is celebrating the anniversary of it’s independence and Ella is turning 13 years old.

My career as an digital artist and memory keeper began when she was born and is now a teenager.

I thought about a Red, White and Blue Palette for this weekend but I always find it hard to marry this color combination with the photos we take.

It seemed so much more fitting to go with a care-free celebratory Palette to compliment the quintessential summer memories of time in the sun, water and fun adventures.

Go out and make some.

AASPN_AnnaRelease3Jul20151000AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteOasis1000AnnaAspnes_aA_Oasis1BrushSetAnnaAspnes_aA_UrbanThreadz9AnnaAspnes_aA_VacationWordART1AnnaAspnes_aA_ArtsyLayeredTemplate 198