Video | Using LightLeaks

June 2nd, 2015|

Creative Team member, Suzie Griffiths, has made a video demonstrating how use the  LightLeaks product series. There are currently 2 sets in the series. Click on each image to [...]

Video | Using ArtPLAY™ Palette Brush Sets

May 28th, 2015|

Creative Team Member, Linda Davis, tackles a customer’s question about the Brush Sets that are included with every ArtPLAY Palette in a new video, entitled, Tips for Using ArtPLAY Palette Brush [...]

Video | Using Artsy Layered Templates

May 21st, 2015|

Today, Creative member, Suzie Griffith, is sharing a few different ways to use Artsy Layered Templates. In this video she demonstrates the flexibility of thetemplates by showcasing techniques such as moving, flipping, [...]

Getting Started in Digital Artistry

May 5th, 2015|

Digital Supplies | ArtPlay Palette ArtLife, Simple FotoBlendz No. 1 (modified with AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 4 brushes using the techniques outlined in AnnaBlendz No. 3), Artsy Layered Template No. 190 [...]

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