The holidays are the ‘grand finale’ to the year and a great opportunity to reflect, savor and embrace the art of life.

As a memory keeper, I like to look back over photos from the year and observe the change, growth and evolution of existence. As a creative, I celebrate these photos and stories through art.

For the past 5 years, I have created a special ‘project’ in December based on a simple formula.

ONE daily reflection inspires ONE daily layout in ONE act of creativity.

The pages are created organically, and not necessarily daily, over the course of December as time permits.

The process is simplified through the use of a collection of templates and the resulting pages are printed in a photo book at the end of the year.


The Project 2016 is for photo enthusiasts, scrapbookers and digital artists looking to have a little creative fun in Adobe Photoshop or Elements this Holiday season.

  • Encourages you to be more present during the Holiday season.
  • Provides a vehicle for therapeutic reflection.
  • Offers the opportunity to be creative and engage in a practice of self-care during an otherwise chaotic time of year.
  • Fosters gratitude and contentment in this life we live.
  • Make connections in your story.
  • Participate in an tradition.

Over the years, I have shared my process in various formats but this year I invite you to join me in what will be the most ‘intimate’ educational offering yet.

1. ‘Birds Eye View’. Watch me as I ArtPLAY. The process of creating all 25 layouts will be recorded in 13 videos from start to finish. Learn the whats, hows, whens and whys of my process, as I share all the decisions I make and the techniques I use, in real time.

2. Achieve AlbumMagic. Learn the foundation principles and ‘mechanics’ of creating a cohesive photo book or album. This content will support the process-orientated videos in .pdf format.

3. LIVE Q & A Sessions. Enjoy 2 X 1 hour LIVE Q& A sessions for hands on demonstrations and feedback. You will be invited to submit your questions and layouts prior to each session, or you can come along and simply check in.

4. Connect/Share. Participate in the dedicated Facebook group to get the most out of this unique learning experience.

5. BONUS Guidance. Receive a BONUS video in January leading you through the process of getting your pages ready and making a photo book with Picaboo.

Note that content will be made available for download from Dropbox throughout December for viewing at your leisure.


The Templates. A set of brand new and exclusive artsy templates have been created for Project 2016.


1. Template Design.  The collection of 26-12 X 12 layered templates, comprised of numbered layouts 1-25 plus BONUS photo book ‘end’ page and cover set, have been designed for both digital scrapbookers and artists. They include one large blended mask, a variety of framed masks, brushwork, stitching, wooden numbers and text boxes. Simply remove any of the elements that do not serve your preference or ArtPLAY practice.

2. Purchase Details + Special Savings. The collection of templates, Project Template Album No. 2, now available from the store at Oscraps. Save $10.00 on Project Template Album No. 2 with the purchase of this class.

Note that a $10.00 discount coupon will be automatically provided on receipt of you registration. Note that this may not happen immediately. Please contact me for a coupon code if not received within 12 hours.

3. Daily Prompts. With the purchase of Project Template Album No. 2 you will automatically receive a daily prompt, providing simple inspiration for each of your pages.


The Project 2016 experience will be jam-packed full of process and technique content, enabling you to watch over my shoulder as I ArtPLAY.


  • 13 ArtPLAY session videos available for download via Dropbox delivered throughout December 2016.
  • LIVE online interactive classroom environment via Go To Meeting/Webinar
  • Ability to ask questions/get feedback via email, in Facebook group or during LIVE session.
  • LIVE session replays in .MP4 format.
  • Supporting notes in .pdf format
  • BONUS video in January 2017 providing guidance to creating a photo book.

Unable to attend the LIVE session?  No problem. All LIVE sessions are recorded and delivered to your inbox shortly after class to provide endless viewing at your own convenience. You will also be able to download the written course content in .pdf format alongside the pre-recorded videos, and have private access to the Project Facebook group.

Software Requirements: The videos in the will be conducted in Adobe Photoshop CC. 

Got a question? Email me.

Let the ART and Christmas spirit collide.

  • aAProject LIVE Q&A Session #1
    Monday, December 12, 2016 (MDT)
    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • aAProject LIVE Q&A Session #2
    Thursday, December 29, 2016 (MDT)
    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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A link to access the classroom for all  LIVE sessions will arrive in your inbox at 48- 24 hours prior to each session. Please contact me if you have not received your materials within 24 hours prior to class at