Blending Modes are the ‘fairy dust’ of digital artistry and scrapbooking.

They sprinkle magic into your layouts through the use of light and color creating depth and texture.

And there are a number of little secrets to using them successfully.

I’ve taught a number of workshops that encourage you to experiment with Blending Modes.

But if you’re looking for more specifics and guidance on exactly how to use these power tools, then this workshop is for YOU.

Blending Modes Study (Pop-Up) is a LIVE workshop for photo enthusiasts, scrapbookers and digital artists looking for a more step-by-step approach to wielding the the power of Blending Modes in Adobe Photoshop or Elements.

The content of this course will be delivered in ONE 90 minute LIVE online session in Photoshop Elements on Tuesday, 22 November 2016 at 5 pm MST.

That’s just ONE week away, and so earns the prestigious ‘Pop-Up’ title.

In the Blending Modes Study you will learn:

  • Which Blending Modes are most useful to you as a digital artist or scrapbooker.
  • How Blending Modes work with your photos and DigitalART supplies.
  • What the properties of light, dark and color have to do with Blending Modes.
  • How to establish your best Blending Mode candidate ‘right off the bat’.
  • Step-by-step guidelines for mastering the use of Blending Modes.

This workshop is full of examples and demonstrations. 

We’ll be looking at lots of different types of photos with a variety of artsy ArtPlay Palette papers designed to deepen your understanding of Blending Modes and instill confidence in their usage.

The aim is to show you how and why different photos react with these background  when different Blending Modes are applied so that you can speed up your process and get it right most of the time.


Each session includes:

  • LIVE online interactive classroom environment via Go To Meeting/Webinar
  • Ability to ask questions at the end of class via the Chat Box
  • Course content notes in .pdf format
  • Class replay for each session delivered in .MP4 format
  • Layered .psd files created in class, to include all  DigitalART supplies
  • Optional class participation – YOU + ME = ART

The LIVE advantage. The virtual online classroom provides greater focus, with the opportunity to ask questions and connect with me LIVE via the chat box feature. Type your questions in the chat box as I demonstrate and guide you through the lesson. The beauty of this connection enables you to get more information and clarification on the techniques that are pressing for you at the end of the session. There will also be opportunity to ask questions via microphone at the beginning and end of class.

Unable to attend a class?  No problem. All sessions are recorded and delivered to your inbox shortly after class to provide endless viewing at your own convenience. You will also be able to download the in depth written course content in .pdf format, the layered .PSD files created in class.

Software Requirements: This course is taught in Adobe Photoshop Element, but note that the Blending Mode are exactly the same in Adobe Photoshop.

Got a question? Email me.

  • aA Blending Modes Study (Pop-Up)
    Tuesday, November 22, 2016 (MDT)
    5:00 pm - 6:30 pm



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A link to access the classroom for all  LIVE sessions will arrive in your inbox at 48- 24 hours prior to each session. Please contact me if you have not received your materials within 24 hours prior to class at