Over the weekend we attended a graduation party.

One of my favorite parts, besides the gluten-free cupcakes, was watching the slide show that the graduates Dad had to put together.

Seeing her grow up before our eyes in a matter of minutes and watching the Grandparents reminisce over the past 18 years was priceless.

My friend has often lamented about her lack of memory-keeping but this slide-show was proof that she has been doing it all along.

We are all doing it.

Some more than others, and maybe to a greater extent, but the truth is every little counts.

Our every action builds and contributes to something bigger and more powerful, even if it’s not finished or perfect.

It’s that notion, that I harp on about A LOT, of looking at our memory keeping efforts as a collective or one large library of memories.

Keep doing what you’re are doing because it all matters.