anna aspnes

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Do you live in the moment and document the photo from today or do you travel back in time and relive some of those memories past?

If you’re like me, you will likely dance between both options.

I love the little reminders and reminiscing that happens when I go looking for photos in my archives. You find all sorts of little treasures which measure growth and change from one point of the journey to another.

This one is of Ella taken by Niecey Docherty outside a pub in England on a typical rainy May afternoon. I marvel at how little she was back then and honor the leaps she has made since. Some of the details may have been lost through the passage of time but the feelings I have are all still locked inside the imagery.

Whether you are chronological in your approach to DigitalART or like to time travel through your memento archives…

I must tell you that it’s ALL GOOD FUN!