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aA DigitalART Store Updates 02-07

By Friday, February 7, 2020 (MST) No Comments
aA DigitalART Store Updates 02-07

The latest and greatest at Anna Aspnes Designs in aA DigitalART Store Updates 02-07

aA DigitalART Store Updates 02-07

New AnnaRelease

The ArtPlay ‘Magoa‘ Collection includes 5 coordinating DigitalART products.

Available as individual sets discounted by 20%, or SAVE 48% when you enjoy the complete collection.

This limited option enables you to purchase my entire release of 5 products at 48% discount plus BONUS DigitalART exclusive to the AnnaRelease offering.

Offer valid through February 14, at 9 am EST.

aA DigitalART Store Updates 02-07

aA DigitalART Store Updates 02-07

And Something EXTRA…

You get this little add-on BONUS as a little thank you when you purchase the complete ArtPlay Magoa Collection.

You get:

  • 6 X WordART
  • 1 X Multimedia Heart
  • 4 X Layout Example

2. Classic ArtPlay Palette ‘L’Amour‘ Collection

The ‘L’Amour‘ ArtPlay Collection has returned to the store for a limited time.

Every Wednesday we bring back a   Classic AnnaRelease collection from the Anna Aspnes Designs archives. This limited option is back at a 50% discount and is available for ONE WEEK ONLY. This collection will no longer be available after February 12, 2020 at 9 am EDT.

The ValuePack includes:

DigitalART: PERSONAL  AND LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE  – . View the complete Terms of Use for details.

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