Hi there, I’m Anna Aspnes

I design DigitalART for people who want to create dynamic and effortless art.

My passion is to help you commemorate and honor your life by helping you to flex your creative muscles in a way that is both unique and truly exhilarating.

Before I could walk, I spent endless hours at a coffee table intent on creating magic with a crayon in hand. Today, I share this same magic at a different table by creating sophisticated contemporary DigitalART designed to be used by YOU. I offer digital art elements, mentorship and education support through more than a decade of experience in modern memory keeping and DigitalART creation.

Be creative

Find the time you deserve for yourself

Every day, I hear the reasons people aren’t creating the art and memory documents they so desperately want. You fall victim to three modern day problems: lack of time, technology roadblocks and feeling overwhelmed with all of the options. Before long your photos, stories and art supplies are collecting dust and you’ve had no time to create the mementos these precious moments deserve.

There is hope

Let's create DigitalArt together

The good news is that I can help you capture and share those memories. Using your images along with my aA Designs DigitalART and ArtPLAY™ Classes I work with YOU to achieve your artistic dreams. Over the past 13 years, I’ve developed my ArtPLAY™ technique and shared it with customers that started out just like you – frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck.

I do things a little differently. I will break it down into easy steps using simple products that help you to create sophisticated complex results. I empower you to continue creating art. Come join me for a little ArtPLAY™.

My Online Portfolio

Anna at ArtPLAY™

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aA Creative Team

Great people creating beautiful DigitalArt together.

Ulla-May Berntsson


I create art from the things in my life that inspire me – my family and the beautiful places I visit.

Linda Davis


I create artsy traditional scrapbook pages for family photos and stories with Anna’s designs.

Donna Goar


I love rainy days off (I’m an OR nurse,) enjoying warm coffee, looking through my photos, browsing inspiration in the gallery, and creating AnnaART to satisfy my need to express myself visually.

Christy RePinec


“Art, undeniably, is conductive to happiness,” said an unknown artist. I agree, because I’m always happy when I’m ArtPlaying with Anna’s artsy goodies. That and a glass of good wine with dark chocolate makes me a very, very happy girl.

Marnie Morgan


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have,” said Maya Angelou. When it comes to art, photography, and my three grandchildren, my enthusiasm knows no bounds! I’m a retired Marriage and Family Therapist committed to preserving the past in artistic fashion for the future.

Lindy Krickbaum


I am a simple, southern girl, married to a wonderful man, best friend to my twin sister and have a true passion for Digital Art and Memory Keeping.

Miki Krueger


I think of a blank page as a canvas waiting to be painted on, my photos a piece of art waiting for the eye to see.

Nancy Adams


I love exploring art media and techniques including drawing, pottery, and photography. As a digital memory keeper, I use the ArtPlay method to create a dynamic visual record of family events and memories. I use the techniques from Anna’s classes to create expressive art journals while challenging my creativity and personal voice as an artist.

Viv Halliwell


Anna’s Artsy approach to digital art is such a great way to combine my love of photography and art. Sitting at my computer I can lose myself in her designs and find myself becoming the artist I always wanted to be.

Trish Hoskin


Trish Hoskin - Photo Artist from Australia. Love digital artistry and Anna's kits of course. My other hobbies are travel, reading and photography especially with my iphone.

Laura Tringali Holmes


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. ~Thomas Merton

Heather Prins


I have a passion for digital scrapping and Anna’s unique Artsy products. I love creating multi photo layouts with her Artsy Layered Templates and ArtPlay Palettes.

Barbara Houston

(Barabara Houston)

I’ve been expressing myself through art in one form or another since childhood, it’s something I can’t live without. Always learning, I love playing with Anna’s designs.

Margó Juhász


I just wanted to keep the moments for my family first with the help of digital scrapbook. Anna's works of art have been a tool for me to live in the creative process and spending time with my granddaughter! 🙂

Joan Robillard


I am an accountant who love numbers and reconciling accounts. I am semi retired which allows me more time for my two favorite hobbies – photography and digital scrapbooking

Lou Ann Donahue


My approach to art is to do what makes your heart happy. I believe art is truly something that makes your soul happy and your heart sing. I usually start with an idea and build upon that. Almost always it never turns out the way I started, but it's the adventure of getting to the final piece that is so exciting to me.

Dale Botha


I am a digital and mixed media artist living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. I love the outdoors and when I am not running, hiking or kayaking I love to sit on a bench and listen to the birds. Digital Art is a passion and I have been experimenting in and exploring around this crazy medium for over 10 years. There is so much to discover and the curious side of me definitely loves it! Including Anna Aspnes Designs in my digital art gives it a new dimension and artsy feel which is very appealing to me.

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