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Digital Designs Inspiration Cosmopolis

By Monday, August 22, 2016 (MDT) No Comments

Today we’re getting really artsy with digital designs inspiration Cosmopolis.

AnnaRelease Cosmopolis is the latest collection of digital designs for scrapbookers, photographers, artists and crafters in the Anna Aspnes Designs store.

AnnaRelease Cosmopolis

The Creative Team have been flexing their creative muscles this weekend sharing their digital scrapbooking and artistry pages using ArtPlay Palette Cosmopolis and supporting DigitalART products.

More digital art inspiration for AnnaRelease Cosmopolis, of course, can be located in the AnnaGallery.

Find all the products found in AnnaRelease Cosmopolis and save almost 50%  for a limited time.

Note that the AnnaRelease bundled option is available for ONE week only.

Click on the image below to view more digital designs inspiration Cosmopolis or visit the AnnaTeam Layouts board on Pinterest.

Digital Designs Inspiration Cosmopolis

Digital Designs Inspiration Cosmopolis

See our Gallery HighLights by clicking on the images to access complete digital design supply lists. You will also find process notes and digital scrapbooking tutorials from each team member to provide new digital inspiration for using DigitalART designs.

Digital Designs Inspiration Cosmopolis

Create the Dream | Marianne

Create a Sketch. Apply artistic filters in Photoshop to duplicate layers of the same photo. Then adjust the opacity of each layer as desired to create a sketch image of your photo. I love how Marianne has filled some of her image with a transfer from ArtPlay Palette Cosmopolis.

Digital Designs Inspiration Cosmopolis

In 1920 | Eva

Burn a Photo. Create a more subtle rendition of your image by burning it into your background using a Color Burn Blending Mode. Color Burn generally darkens a photo and will create strong contrast in gray and black areas of the image. Color Burn applied to a dark image over a dark background will create undesirable results. But an image with lighter tones and some dark areas over a lighter background will create a more subtle look. The photo will look as though it has been burned into the background and any subtle shades of color will be intensified.

Digital Designs Inspiration Cosmopolis

Rainbow Fish | Heather

Lead with Photos. Use the color in your photos to help you decide what types of elements and colors you will add to your layout to unify the design. Notice how Heather has repeated the colors in her photos leading the eye from the left to the right side of her layout.

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