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Mexico 2015

By Tuesday, November 10, 2015 (MST) 4 Comments

We’ve be back just over a week now and I have distant memories of sandy beaches and margaritas – I think I was there ūüėČ

Thank goodness I have the photos to prove it.

IMG_2088IMG_2867Lots and lots of time at the beach. E and L loved the waves. No photos of me in the water unfortunately. I did take a dip a couple of times but apparently brushed up against a *sea creature* early on in our trip to which I had a severe allergic skin reaction. This resulted in me becoming a bit sea shy after 2 shots of antibiotics from a nice Mexican doctor just prior to our return home.

IMG_2848Loved that E and L are still not too old to make sand castles…

IMG_2797…and search for shell a.k.a. *brains* in the sand.

IMG_2170I tried to stay out of the sun attempting to keep cool in the shade and did a lot of this. The humidity is brutal down there.

IMG_2396 Kayaking with little man.

IMG_2392 Posing at the mall.

IMG_2391 This one was into vlogging and under-water documentation thanks to a new iPhone cover.

IMG_2390¬†I discovered I like margaritas but only when they’re made the proper way. I let him order one so that I could drink it ūüôā ¬†I also ate my weight in shrimp ceviche and won’t mind if I don’t see corn chips in a little while. Avocados are my favorite food and could eat them til the cows come home. They have so many different varieties in Mexico.

IMG_2388 Luke kept a running count of the number of lizards and iguanas we spotted. They apparently like bananas and tomatoes for breakfast.

IMG_2250 Watching brand new baby sea turtle hatch as part of the preservation program they have in place was worth waking up early for.

IMG_2220 Stunning sunsets.

IMG_2188 The obligatory Starbucks run. What is it with teenagers and Starbucks? Am I the only one who refuses to spend $5.00 on a coffee?

IMG_2172 Feeling relaxed.

IMG_2147 Seriously? This guy is off the hook.

IMG_2109Ukelele on the balcony.

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure
Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure
Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure
Xplor was our one big splurge on the trip and included swimming and paddle boarding in the caves plus 4 wheeling and zip-lining. ¬†All 4 of us completed all 4 challenges including 9 ziplines¬†over the jungle through fire. I think I enjoyed that more than Eric’s driving!

IMG_2885Miss those lazy days already.

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