aA Connect 29th June 2020 REPLAY 

$30.00 $7.00


aA Connect 29th June 2020 

  • Happened on Monday 29th June at 4 pm MDT.
  • 1 1/4 hours of LIVE artistry deconstructions and critiques.
  • Event was conducted via the Zoom platform.
  • REPLAY link via Dropbox will be emailed shortly after registration.
  • All proceeds donated to Food Banks in America.

What You Will Learn:

Content will be added as it is received.

2. Layout Deconstruct by Nancy Adams.

Life Matters | Nancy

2. Create cohesion in double page spread using free-style and FotoInspired template formats.

Siblings | Michelle

3. Guidance for over-thinkers!

Story | Teri

4. Creating better visual triangle designs.

Sandy | Margot

5. Using color to coordinate your layout designs.

Learned | Michelle

6. Title placement in your photo artistry.

London | Char

7. Choosing the right background for your photos.

Snapshot | Kay


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