Design Principles and Element Properties

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Master the 5 Element Properties and 7 Design Principles that will up-level your digital skills and change the way you create your layouts and artistry forever. This class is included in Part 2 of the Msterly Brushes series.


Note that this class belongs to Part 2 of the Msterly Brushes Series.

Learn About:

  • The ‘Fundamental 5’ Element Properties in digital design.
  • The ‘Secret 7’ Design Principles that control the placement of elements according to these Properties.

Master How To:

  • IDENTIFY the Properties of elements in your artistry and digital supplies.
  • USE these Element Properties to create BALANCE and CONTRAST in your layouts.
  • ENHANCE your digital design and artistry skills using recognized DESIGN PRINCIPLES

What’s Included:

1. High Quality Video Sessions (.MP4 Format):

  • (1) Element Properties (21.22 mins)
  • (2) Design Principles (18.33 mins)

2. Comprehensive Written Guidance

  • Written content outlining ALL Element Properties and Design Principles (3-page .PDF format)

What To Expect:

  • This class is a self-paced course.
  • Content is available for immediate download.
  • Unzip the files and view on your computer.
  • Load into iTunes for Smart Device viewing.
  • Conducted in Photoshop CC, but detailed guidance provided for Elements.


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