Year of ArtPLAY | January 2017


In the January session of a Year of ArtPLAY, you will learn how to blend 3 photos into an artsy background, and all my little secrets for creating the perfect blend. See below for complete list of techniques shared in these 3 X approx. 30 min videos.

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 Year of ArtPLAY | January 2017

Year 2017 is the year of ArtPlay.

 Designs is hosting 12 ArtPlay Unedited classes over the course of 12 months providing 12 opportunities to elevate your artistry and ignite your creativity in year 2017.

  • Studio View. You get to watch over my shoulder as I talk you through the design decisions I make, and share what I’m thinking, as the layout comes together
  • Master Artsy.  Insider view to achieving successful artsy design, as well as providing on-the-fly solutions to common digital artistry problems, from blank canvas to artsy composite.
  • Sustain your Practice. Inspire your creativity, advance your skills in digital artistry/scrapbooking, keep you engaged in your art practice, and provide support through frustrating design challenges.

In this Year of ArtPLAY |January 2017 session, you will:

  • Be introduced to a Year of ArtPlay and what you can expect.
  • Hear thoughts about how to select photos for a layout.
  • Receive guidance on number of photos to choose.
  • Learn which comes first: The photos or the art?
  • Discover how to blend 3 photos into an artsy photo collage.
  • Approach  selecting an artsy paper for your foundation using Blending Modes.
  • Learn why I don’t tend to use Adjustment Layers.
  • Brighten a photo with Levels and/or Curves.
  • Apply a Layer Mask and blend with brushes.
  • See my favorite brushes for blending and enjoy tips for identifying which ones to use to yield different blending effects.
  • Understand Inverse Masking.
  • Learn why I don’t use keyboard short cuts.
  • Observe the most useful Brushes options and how to use them through experimentation.
  • Differentiate gradual verses defined blending transitions.
  • Contain blended images with defined edges.
  • Learn different ways to blend one color into another.
  • Identify hard edges in your blended images.
  • Use Flow/Opacity to refine your blending.
  • Understand the importance of Zoom controls.
  • Pan an image while ‘zoomed in.’
  • Remove distractions from your images using Content Aware and/or the Clone Stamp Tool.
  • Use Paint Brush Tool to reveal photo details.
  • Bring back details of over-exposed areas of your image.
  • Create a Layer Style.
  • Use the lines in an artsy design to place your blended photos.
  • Learn different way to shift focus between your images.
  • Manipulate the effects of Blending Modes on your photos.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM  Year of ArtPLAY (January 2017)

  • 1 – 1/2 hour video divided into approx 3 parts (approx. 30 mins each)
  • FREE access to all digital supplies and .psd files created in each session.
  • Conducted in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Please note that comprehensive written course content is NOT included with this session.

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